Next Exhibition

The next exhibition (hosted by Shepway’s PR company so not a consultation whatever they may say) will be at the South Road Sports Pavilion on Thurs June 5 11 -7pm.

Figures are Indicative Only

In today’s Herald Shepway admits that  “Figures are indicative only” and “ At this stage it was never the intention to show every level of cost.”

Exhibition May 23rd

Shepway are now wasting money on a PR company. They have set up their own website and are holding an exhibition on Friday at Seabrook Church Hall 11 – 7pm. …

Hythe Neighbourhood Plan

Last night Hythe Town Council voted to pull the plug on the Neighbourhood Plan despite the fact that the item wasn’t even on the agenda. They didn’t seem to understand …

Today’s Herald

Great article in today’s Herald by Jim Martin but I don’t think much of Roger Joyce’s idea of building on the Imperial Golf Course and moving the golf course eastwards …