Monthly Archives: March 2016

Resource Scrutiny Committee Wed & April 7pm

There is an item called Princes Parade update on the agenda for the Resource Scrutiny Committee meeting at Shepway next Wed 6th April at 7pm. It’s not clear whether this is just an update from when we asked the committee to take another look at Nickoll’s Quarry or whether this is the next step in […]

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Are Shepway Stupid?

On 28 May 2014 David Monk said “that when the indicative costs were £11m I wasn’t pleased and if the costs had stayed at that we wouldn’t be where we are today. We wouldn’t be going forward…….because we aren’t stupid.” (See 1.10.47 on this video). However, Shepway are once again planning on putting the leisure […]

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Cllr Monk claims PP will deliver 3 Years ahead of NQ

The minutes of the Shepway full council meeting on 24th February are finally available. David Monk said: “The Cabinet had therefore agreed to revert to using the Princes Parade site as the preferred locations for the complex. This site had the advantage of being able to deliver a new facility at least three years ahead […]

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