Monthly Archives: July 2016

Contacting Shepway

Shepway have now told us that the best email address to contact them on is not If you haven’t yet written your email setting out why you object to development on PP please do so today and copy us in People are sometimes a bit nervous about what to write but all […]

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Protest March Sat Aug 6th

If you’ve seen the front page of today’s Express you will see that a march is planned for Sat 6th August to raise awareness of all the major developments proposed in the Hythe area including Otterpool, the lorry park and Princes Parade. Save Princes Parade have been invited to join in and we hope lots […]

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Shepway Propaganda

Shepway have relaunched their website but none of our concerns are addressed. They say we can submit our views as part of the Places and Policies consultation but that doesn’t open until October  and they are intending to present the planning application for Princes Parade in November so it’s not clear how or when […]

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