Monthly Archives: March 2017

Latest on Lack of Transparency at Shepway DC

Following an EIR request (similar to a Freedom of Information request) Shepway released some of the papers relating to the private meetings of the Princes Parade Working Group. However it was clear that not all the papers had been released so an internal review was requested resulting in the release of more papers (why weren’t […]

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We still aren’t able to see the latest ecology reports for Princes Parade but we have managed to get some emails to and from the ecologist vis a Freedom of Information request…/communications_with_lloyd_… . Their main concern is the bats and the need to keep the canal as a dark corridor. How does that fit […]

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Appointment of Tibbalds

One of the many things that is puzzling us about the Princes Parade Project is how Tibbalds were first appointed as Shepway’s latest set of consultants. There are two main contacts – one for £91k and one for £98k. For some reason the normal procurement procedure was not used for the first contract – that […]

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