Monthly Archives: August 2018


We have sent the solicitors the information they requested and they are now reviewing it all. The committee vote is a “resolution to approve” and the 6-week time frame to bring JR proceedings does not start until the Council issues the formal decision notice of the grant of planning permission. We are monitoring the council’s […]

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Financial Viability

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been studying the financial viability reports. There are lots of inconsistencies in these reports so this has not been an easy task. Clearly the consultants have inflated the costs of the leisure centre on Nickoll’s Quarry to make it look less viable than PP. They claim that the […]

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Film / Webcast Screening

The new managers of The Fountain in Seabrook have very kindly agreed to screen the film Princes Parade: Development or Destruction? at 5pm on Thursday 16th August and then the webcast of the planning meeting from 7pm for those who won’t be able to get into the public gallery (places limited to 37). This will […]

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