Ecology and Wildlife

There is an extremely long ecology report in with the planning application.

Unfortunately it doesn’t include a migrating bird study  despite Kent Wildlife Trust telling them that they should consider doing one when they were drawing up the scoping for the Environmental Impact Assessment. The report  points out that some of the grassland has ecological importance but that has just been ignored when drawing up the plans. It is this report that points out that capping the site for the contamination will mean removing all the vegetation. It proposes some mitigation eg capturing all the toads and relocating them but we are not convinced that this will be effective.

You can read the report here: ecology

CPREKent and Kent Wildlife Trust have objected on ecological grounds – worth reading their comments:

KWT Objection


Also worth reading the KCC biodiversity report

KCC biodiversity comment – revised


This Twitter account is a wonderful record of the different species seen on Princes Parade