Local Plan Consultation

The last public consultation on Shepway’s public consultation took place in November 2016. Lots of people submitted comments on policy UA25  Princes Parade the vast majority against any development on the site.

Despite the fact that 494 comments of objection were received , Princes Parade has been included in the draft local plan as a development site. You can read the council’s summary of the responses here on page 19 http://www.shepway.gov.uk/moderngov/documents/s24202/Part2%20pplp.pdf and the Princes Parade policy here http://www.shepway.gov.uk/moderngov/documents/s24199/LocalPlanPart1.pdf page 94 onwards.

The draft plan will be subject to another 6 week public consultation – probably in September/October of this year. It will then be submitted to the Planning Inspector who will carry out an examination in public with the hearing expected to be in December/January.

However, Shepways intention is to have made the decision about the planning application for Princes Parade before the Inspector gets to see the draft local plan – thereby denying us an important democratic process

Note that the draft local plan no longer includes a policy for Local Green Spaces saying that these can be designated by neighbour plans. Sadly there is no Hythe Neighbourhood Plan following the decision by Hythe Town Council not to support it.


You can read all the comments on all the policies here:


(Princes Parade is policy UA25)

This stage covered the various sites in the district which have been allocated for development including Princes Parade as well as a range of planning policies covering a range of topics including such as the economy, transport and climate change.

You can read our analysis of the responses to the Princes Parade draft policy via the link here.