Local Plan Consultation

The public consultation about the latest stage of Shepway District’s Council’s local plan has now closed. Lots of people submitted comments on policy UA25  Princes Parade the vast majority against any development on the site. You can read all the comments on all the policies here:


(Princes Parade is policy UA25)

This stage covered the various sites in the district which have been allocated for development including Princes Parade as well as a range of planning policies covering a range of topics including such as the economy, transport and climate change.

There will be a further consultation in 2017 before the draft local plan is submitted to the Independent Planing Inspector for examination. Once he/she has given his/her approval the local plan will be adopted and will be used to assess planning applications.  If Princes Parade is allocated as a development site in the final version it is highly unlikely that any planning application for the site would be refused. However Shepway DC seem to determined to submit a planning application before the new local plan is adopted.

You can read our analysis of the responses to the Princes Parade draft policy via the link here.