Stopping Up the Road

The proposals for developing Princes Parade include diverting the existing road away from the seafront and along the canal. This will be subject to a separate consultation.

The consultation about stopping up the road, should planning permission be granted, starts on May 10th until June 7th.

You can read a copy of the draft notice here: Draft_Notice – Stopping up the Road

The draft order here: Draft_Order – Stopping the Road

and the draft plan here: Draft_Plan – Stopping up the Road

To respond send an email to quoting reference NATTRAN/SE/S247/3254

The order is being sought under section 247 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 which allows the Secretary of State for Transport to stop up a road if he/she is satisfied that it is necessary in order for development to be carried out. So the key to fighting this is to show that it is not necessary to the development.

You should NOT use this as an opportunity to object to the development itself. The Dept of Transport have said they will ignore any responses that pertain predominantly to the impact of the development rather than the stopping up of the road.

On the application form Stopping Up – Application Form FHDC state “By relocating the road to the rear of the site,we can generate a vehicle free link from the proposed leisure centre and housing development to the beach and existing promenade”.

We suggest therefore that you comment along the lines that this development is unacceptable and creates significant harm, but if the development were to be granted planning permission there is no overriding need to move the road as the proposed buildings could be served from the existing road. It is therefore not necessary for it to be stopped up and realigned for this development to take place.

Some guidance we have read suggests that as well as a necessity test, a merits test could be applied as well:
In the exercise of that discretion the relevant authority is obliged to take into account any significant disadvantages or losses flowing directly from the stopping up order which have been raised, either for the public generally or for those individuals whose actionable rights of access would be extinguished by the order. In such a case they must also take into account any countervailing advantages to the public or those individuals, along with the planning benefits of, and the degree of importance attaching to, the development. They must then decide whether any such disadvantages or losses are of such significance or seriousness that they should refuse to make the order

So you might also like to add a comment as to how the closure of the road would affect you personally and/or your concerns about the impact the  new diverted road would have on the canal, the effect on traffic on other roads etc


Please send a copy of your objection to Councillor Rory Love who is for the development but against the diversion of the road.


Once you have sent your email to the DoT you should receive an email of acknowledgement. The DoT will forward your comment to the District council (the applicant) who are supposed to contact you to try to resolve your objection. Please forward any correspondence to the DoT at the email address above but do NOT agree to anything the council suggests. We would hope that there will be sufficient objections that the Secretary of State will need to hold a public inquiry should he be minded to grant the order.