Betteridge & Milsom FoI

Betteridge & Milsom are the consultants responsible for the financial viability calculations previously published in this format additional – financial viability report.

You can read our official comment on this here SPP Comment on Appendix 3

In response to a FoI request FHDC released 1212 pages of correspondence with B&M (some redacted) which you can read here:

RED-Pages 1-199 from B&M Correspondence final

RED-Pages 200-330 from B&M Correspondence final

RED-Pages 331-402 from B&M Correspondence final

RED-Pages 403-562 from B&M Correspondence final

RED-Pages 563-700 from B&M Correspondence final

RED-Pages 701-878 from B&M Correspondence final

RED-Pages 871-1044 from B&M Correspondence final

RED-Pages 1045-1212 from B&M Correspondence final

It’s not that easy to read as it is a jumble of emails with various (heavily redacted) versions of the financial viability calculations but there are some reports/figures  that we haven’t seen before including:

p118 Utilities Assessment by Peter Brett

p203 Oldham Leisure Centre Cost Summary – not redacted

p205 Architectural Report

p260 Wilmot & Dixon Costs for Enabling Works on Leisure Centre and Residential Sites (redacted)

p276 W&D Costs for Leisure Centre (redacted)

p303 Risk Register for Princes Parade (which makes very interesting reading)

p535 Marketing & Disposal Advice from BNP Paribas

p539 Road diversion to cost £2.8m

p571 Viability Assessment Report from Savills

p681 Programme Workshop hosted by Hadron

p757 Summary of preparation costs to date

p819 Acknowledges that the council will need to borrow to fund the project 2018/9 £1.4m 2019/20 £14.3m

p822 Lists the claimed heritage benefits

p906 “Reports should demonstrate that PP is the only option for the pool”.

p915 Remediation of contamination to cost £2m

p1089 Confirms that the £1.4m s106 money in the calculation is the affordable housing contribution from Imperial Green (which makes no sense since they can’t use the s106 money from another site to meet the AH requirement of this site and we can’t belive they will be building 2 lots pf AH on PP).

p1107 – Query why the area used in the financial viability calculation differs from that in the planning application

You can read a summary of our thoughts on this here: