Land plus cash confirmed for new pool at Martello Lakes

At the planning meeting which took place on 25th May 2021 it was confirmed that the S106 contribution from the development at Martello Lakes will include a cash contribution of over £5m* for the construction of a new Leisure Centre – whether or not it is built there on a plot provided at virtually no cost by the developers.

Hythe resident Mark Brophy addressed the meeting to seek clarity over the confusion that has surrounded the matter especially after council leader David Monk claimed it was an either/or situation. Cllr Jim Martin also sought, and received, confirmation from Llywelyn Lloyd, the Chief Planning Officer, that the S106 agreement made it clear that the cash contribution for leisure facilities would apply whether or not they were built on the 1.6 hectares land provided by the developers at Martello Lakes.

*index linked £3.2m – which becomes due when the 250th home is completed at Martello Lakes (previously known as Nickolls Quarry) 

Full details of the planning meeting are on the council’s website here…