Badger Survey

The council have announced that there will be ecologists surveying Princes Parade for badger activity today.

New Public Consultation

The Addendum to the ES (Environmental Statement) has just been released for public consultation with a closing date of 22 June 2019. The notice issued by the planners is unhelpful since it does not enable you to download this massive 69 MB report. It addresses the new scheme for draining surface water into the canal. We are currently assessing the report to enable us to provide guidance.

You can read the report here: ES Addendum


New Committee Members

Now that Lesley & Jim are councillors they have resigned as members and committee members of Save Princes Parade. We are delighted to announce that two new committee members were appointed in their place last night. Stephen and Jean.Jean will be chair and Elaine (our existing membership secretary) will take over the role of Treasurer.

New Councillors

We are delighted to announce that Jim Martin and Lesley Whybrow were elected to Folkestone & Hythe District Councillors on 2 May.

Sadly that means that they have now resigned their positions on the SPP committee and their memberships.

We are sure that they will continue to fight to save Princes Parade and we wish them all the best in their new roles.

We will announce their replacements on the committee as soon as possible.


Tram Shelter Saved

A small piece of good news. The council says that the Tram Shelter is to be retained as a feature within proposed central area of public open space. The detail and interpretation of its history will be worked up in due course.

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A Princes Parade Poem

Princes Parade


The great, green parade unfolds

under the February sun.

The sound of a plane intrudes

upon a thousand bird songs.


The machines never far away

from princely vegetation,

where people come to walk their dogs

and ease dog-tired minds.


It will soon be consumed.

Shapeless men in striped suits,

whipped, agree to desolate


this place, where crowds of reeds

sway in the breeze,

at the banks of the canal.


by Jenni Hawkins

Redacted Reports from 13th Feb Cabinet Meeting Now Published

The council have now published some of the reports discussed at the 13th February cabinet meeting. Unfortunately they have been redacted

Supplement Princes Parade business case 13022019 1700 Cabinet

It looks as if the councillors weren’t given the crucial treasury management report from Arlingclose (which I’m still trying to get hold of) nor the crucial Betteridge & Milsom report. The B&M report is in the public domain but the councillors would have had to know that it existed and make the effort to find it. So it looks like the only financial information they had on the PP project project as a whole was the summary on p23 of the report from The Sports Consultancy. Hardly enough information on which to base such a big decision.