Consultants’ Reports

The reports are now available on Shepway’s website:

Not surprisingly they have recommended that the new swimming pool is built on Prince’s Parade.

Please read them carefully and write and tell the members of Shepway cabinet what you think.

They will be meeting on 19th December to discuss the reports so please write to them before then.

You can find out who is a cabinet member here:

We will need as many people as possible to come along and sit in the public gallery for that meeting so please put the date in your diary – 5pm.

Hythe Town Council Meeting 1 November

Hythe Town Council Meeting

Hythe Town Council were supposed to be discussing Prince’s Parade on 1 November but it is not now on the agenda. We think it will now been on the agenda for 20 December. Here is the explanation from the Town Clerk:


No – it is not on the Agenda; there is no report as yet from SDC which is due for publication on 31st October which can then be debated but not in time for dissemination for 1st November.

The “conflict of interest issue”, as you refer to it, has not been resolved as regards separate legal views obtained from NALC (legal advisers to the National Association of Local Councils) and the Monitoring Officer at SDC and the Minutes of the Standing Orders Committee will be placed on the website tomorrow afternoon when those Minutes are circulated to Councillors.