Damian Collins Column

We were hoping to take a bit of time off the campaign over Christmas but we couldn’t let Damian Collin’s column in today’s Express in support of the Princes Parade project go without comment. When the project was first proposed he claimed he couldn’t get involved because it was a planning issue. At the time it wasn’t – Shepway were just looking at it from a landowner point of view but now it clearly is a planning issue so how can it be right that he is publicly promoting it? Has he not read any of our emails setting out the reasons why we object? Should he not at least acknowledge our concerns about the loss of green open space etc?

And what does he mean by “In the New Year, Shepway District Council expects to bring forward the planning application…”. He must know that it has already been submitted. Surely he doesn’t mean that the council is expecting to grant itself planning permission? That would mean they had already pre determined their position!



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