Clarification on Parking Charges

In last week’s Herald, the council were quoted as saying that the new parking proposed as part of the proposed development on Princes Parade would not be charged for. That rather conflicts with what was discussed at the July cabinet meeting ie parking meters along Princes Parade. So we queried that with the council and this was the reply:
” I think the piece in the Herald to which you refer has caused unintentional confusion. Following the submission of the planning application, a Herald journalist asked if there were plans to scrap free parking. We responded by saying no, the planning application simply sought to ensure that no public parking was lost.
Whether parking will free in the future is not an issue addressed in the application. “
We agree that parking charges are not something to be addressed in the planning application, nevertheless members of the public may have been influenced by the promise of free parking when making their responses to the planning application.