Comments on Additional Documents

We have just submitted, on behalf of SPP, some comments on the new documents that were published earlier this month.

We have objected to the proposal to drain the surface water into the canal (previously the intention was to drain it into the sea); we have raised some concerns about the ecological mitigation timetable as it’s not at all clear to us how this fits in with the proposed work plan; we have raised the issue of the loss of maritime grassland as we don’t feel that it is possible to mitigate for its loss; we have raised concerns about the fact that the applicant is trying to leave lots of major decisions to the conditions/reserved matters stage (ie planning permission could be granted with the outcome of these matters unknown) and perhaps most importantly we have flagged up that the ecological buffer zone along the canal will be much less than the 20m stipulated by the Environment Agency.

You can see the new documents (and our full comment when it is uploaded) here