Dover Leisure Centre

At the cabinet meeting on Tuesday the chief executive said that there had been lots of talk about the new Dover leisure centre. Which prompted us to have a look at Dover District Council’s website. And what did we find? Lots and lots of information including a very detailed feasibility study (albeit with some of the figures redacted.)…/…/Annex%201%20Aa%20-%20T.pdf

And they have actually consulted the public about the type of facilities they wanted in the new leisure centre!

As Shepway’s chief executive pointed out, Dover are going to have spend some big money on this but they have clearly given some thought as to how this will be funded including a grant from Sport England.

Shepway DC are very proud of the fact that, to use their own horrible expression, their new leisure centre will “wash its face” ie cover it’s own costs but we haven’t seen the detail proof of that and as it comes at the very heavy price of the loss of the open space at Princes Parade shouldn’t the other options have been at least debated in public before the council went for this option?

Congratulations to Dover District council for being so open and transparent.