Exclusion of the Public from the Cabinet Meeting on 30th January 2019

The council has given notice that it intends to exclude the public (and therefore preventing us from seeing the agenda papers) from at least part the cabinet meeting where the Princes Parade business plan will be discussed.


We sent our objections to Dr Priest and here is her response :

“Thank you for your emails dated 18th December and 5th January.

I have now had the opportunity of considering the contents of your emails and I have also discussed this matter with the Monitoring Officer.

The Council does not agree with your interpretation of para 9 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.  The Council is of the opinion that the exemption can still apply.  This is because the restriction on exemptions at paragraph 9 of Schedule 12A relates to information concerning the planning process, rather than the Business Case.

As you are aware, the Cabinet meeting on 30 January will be considering the Business Case and will not be considering planning issues.  Officers consider the details of the Business Case to be commercially sensitive. It should also be noted that the information being considered during the Cabinet meeting will not be part of the consideration as to whether planning permission should be granted.”

It is, of course, for the members of the Cabinet to decide whether or not to exclude the public from the meeting.  Objections to the exclusion will be placed before Councillors so they can take them into account.  The public interest will also be considered prior to any decision on whether or not to consider the matter in private.