Hythe Town Council Meeting 5 June 6.45pm

The stopping up of the road at Princes Parade will be discussed again at a meeting of Hythe Town Council next Tues 5th June 6.45pm at the Town Hall. Please be there.
Please also email your reasons for objecting to the stopping up of the road to the Hythe Town Councillors before the meeting.
You can find their email addresses here: http://www.hythetc.kentparishes.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/LIST-OF-COUNCILLORS-15.03.18.pdf
Note that Ellie Cumming has not yet been added to the list. Her email address is elliehythe@gmail.com.
If you haven’t yet sent off your formal objection to the Department of Transport please don’t forget that the deadline is 7th June.