Latest FoI/ERI request

Thanks to the hard work of some of our supporters we have now obtained a further 9 documents via FoI/ERI request – see the link below.

We would particularly draw your attention to the two fee notes from Tibbalds which say:

“Shepway is not yet certain about the range of uses that the site could accommodate, although it is clear that the principal use would be residential. Other uses could include a leisure centre and the relocation of the Hythe and Saltwood Yacht Club. Open space will need to be incorporated, especially to protect the setting of the Royal Military Canal, Initial soft market testing with a developer has confirmed a positive view of the site’s potential for residential.”


“A primary school and a sports centre have both previously been considered for the site, but it is now thought unlikely that these will come forward.”

No doubt Shepway will argue that things have moved on since then since clearly they are now working on plans for a leisure centre but given that they still have not proven that the facility will be financially viable it is understandable that some people still believe the leisure centre won’t materialise.

We would also draw your attention to the Historic England letter dated 2.6.16. This raises similar points to their response to last November’s local plan consultation which Shepway seem to have more or less ignored in the latest draft of the local plan