Latest on Lack of Transparency at Shepway DC

Following an EIR request (similar to a Freedom of Information request) Shepway released some of the papers relating to the private meetings of the Princes Parade Working Group. However it was clear that not all the papers had been released so an internal review was requested resulting in the release of more papers (why weren’t they released in the first place?). Shepway are refusing to releases the papers for the Mar 2017 meeting of the working group on the grounds of commercial confidentiality. However the papers that have been released show that discussions at these meetings included a discussion of the risk of delays due to a possible call in. This is the sort of thing that we believe should have been discussed in detail at the formal cabinet meeting in on 7th Feb.We note also that there was an intention to produce a feasibility report and a financial plan but neither of these were presented to cabinet in February seemingly because they haven’t been prepared. We have been trying to get the chief executive and/or monitoring officer to justify the meetings of the working group and the informal cabinet meetings that we know have taken place in terms of the council’s constitution and/or the law but we have not received a satisfactory response. We tried making a complaint but were informed that we can only complain about the services the council provides. Surely a council should be more transparent and more accountable to local people than this?