Leisure Centre back on Princes Parade

Councillor Monk has announced that because of difficulties with the Covenant SDC are dropping The Green and going ahead with PP instead for the pool.

In answering a question from the opposition Cllr Monk has said there is no cost difference between any of the sites i.e The Green, NQ and PP! That can’t be true and just shows that they do not understand the risks of developing PP.

Why on earth didn’t they check this first before they wasted all that money on the planning application? And all the stress they have caused to the people of Hythe.

The agenda papers for the 4th Nov 2015 cabinet meeting show clearly that there is a £2.15m cost for dealing with contamination on PP not to mention significant costs to mitigate the impact of the proposal on the Royal Miltary Canal so how can David Monk claim the leisure centre would cost no more there then on The Green or at NQ?