Meeting with the Planners

As we don’t like Shepway DC holding secret meetings about Princes Parade we want to be upfront about the fact that a couple of us and our Planning Aid adviser this morning had a meeting with some of the planning officers at Shepway. The discussions were quite technical about things such as the interaction between the determination of the planning application and the examination of the Local Plan. The way things are looking the two are likely to be taking place at more or less the same time which could be interesting.

As we already knew the planning department has provided the land owning department with pre application advice. As far as the planners know the intention is still to submit the application this month. As a result of the pre application discussions we now believe that the open space has been moved back to the western end of the site ie next to the golf course rather than being interspersed between the housing.

If you still have old plans on display in your window can you please take them down and replace them with a poster from our website.