Outcome of Town Meeting

The town meeting didn’t really have an outcome last night. Lots of understandably emotive speeches about not putting the leisure centre on The Green and a valiant attempt by Dr Geoff Burrell to introduce some facts into the proceedings. Everybody seemed equally keen to avoid having the facility on Princes Parade but I’m not sure many people truely understood the significance of cabinet’s decision on 4th Nov last year – ie it’s either The Green or PP. There was no call for a referendum because the Mayor announced out of the blue that the 6 members of the public who called the meeting could be liable for the £6000 cost if there was a legal challenge. (Based on advice from the Local Government Assoc apparently.) Surprisingly no motion was proposed either. I did get the impression that most people would be happy to wait a bit longer for the site to become available at NQ so we could save both open spaces. If you agree with that please email Shepway’s cabinet and tell them so.