Permission to Appeal Refused

Unfortunately we have not been granted leave to Appeal against the JR decision.

This is of course bad news and the end of the road for the legal challenge against the planning decision. However this is but one hurdle overcome by the District Council who still have a load of very difficult problems to deal with in practice.
Our formal challenge was only against the planners – because that is all that can be challenged by Judicial Review – whereas our real challenge is against the development itself. FHDC cannot ignore the fact that the vast majority of local people do not want this development, as witnessed by the 2019 local elections, because it decimates a highly valued and much used amenity. The true value of PP has certainly been felt during lockdown.
For example, FHDC still has to overcome the many objections against “stopping up” the road: When they genuinely know the real costs they will certainly have to justify them as well as overcoming extensive environmental, drainage and ecological issues. They will fail on all those fronts. The PP solution is certainly not the cheapest and quickest means of providing a new swimming pool, in spite of what FHDC has claimed in the past.