Problems responding to the PPLP Consultation

If you are having technical problems with the consultation portal please report them to the council

If you can’t get the problem resolved and/or you are finding the consultation portal just too complicated then you can email your response to the council .

The email address to use in both cases is:  Subject: PPLP consultation

If you are emailing your response to the consultation start your email “Policy UA18 is NOT sound because…” and then give your reasons. The sort of things you might like to talk about are flood risk; loss of biodiversity/wildlife habitat; harm to the setting of the Royal Military Canal (heritage); loss of open space; loss of visual amenity; the public benefits of the housing/leisure centre do NOT outweigh the harm the development will cause; there are alternative sites for the leisure centre and housing.

Please use your own words and make sure that you get an acknowledgement of your email.