Protest March Sat Aug 6th

If you’ve seen the front page of today’s Express you will see that a march is planned for Sat 6th August to raise awareness of all the major developments proposed in the Hythe area including Otterpool, the lorry park and Princes Parade. Save Princes Parade have been invited to join in and we hope lots of you will join us as this is an excellent opportunity to spread the word about our campaign. We are aware that not all our supporters will necessarily be against all the other proposed developments but as this is just a march to increase awareness of what is happening in and around Hythe we think it is appropriate for us to be involved on this occasion. Meet at the corner of Douglas Ave and the A259 in Hythe at 10.30 am. Please wear your Princes Parade T shirts, bring banners etc You can order these from Frizbees in Folkestone 01303 720086. Or you could download our poster here to make a placard: