Public Exclusion from Meetings

We asked our solicitor to write to Dr Priest setting out the legal case why the council would be wrong to exclude the public from the Overview & Scrutiny Meeting on 12th Feb and the Cabinet meeting on 13th Feb.

This is the reply he got:

“Many thanks for your letter. Your points have been noted, and your representation will be put before Members of both the Cabinet and the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, prior to their consideration as to whether to consider the business case in private session or not. I must stress that the decision is ultimately one which will be made by Members at the meeting.”

We believe that this is a matter of law not a political decision for the councillors to make so we will continue to object to the proposed exclusion of the public.

Whatever the outcome we will be attending both meetings just in case the councillors vote to allow us to stay and we would urge as many of you as possible to be there to support us.

Thanks to all those of you who have helped us raise the funds that have allowed us to employ the solicitor.