Shepway Propaganda

Shepway have relaunched their website but none of our concerns are addressed. They say we can submit our views as part of the Places and Policies consultation but that doesn’t open until October  and they are intending to present the planning application for Princes Parade in November so it’s not clear how or when our views will be considered – if at all. There is, however, an email address for comments so please send a brief email just to say that you object to any development on the site and briefly setting out your reasons. You might like to stress the importance of the site as open space and for wildlife; the harm development might do to the Royal Military canal (which is a scheduled ancient monument) or your concerns about disturbing the contamination. The important thing is to make your comment personal to you – we need Shepway to understand how attached we all are to this wonderful piece of land.

Currently over 3700 have signed our online petition against development. If 3700 people send an email to then maybe Shepway will start to listen to us. We would be grateful if you would copy your emails to  so we can monitor how many emails have been sent.