Shepway’s Broken Promises

In May 2014 Shepway published a newsletter about their plans for Princes Parade. This promised  that “a small number of quality houses is also proposed to help meet local housing needs within the district.” How did we get from that to 150 new homes? In answer to the question “Won’t development have a negative visual impact on many residents?” the answer was “The council is insisting on low-profile,eco-friendly designs and is committed to minimising the visual impact on the surrounding area.” So why does the recent scoping report for the Envirnmental Impact Assessment refer to 4 storey buildings? And how could a leisure centre ever be low profile anyway?

The July 2014 newsletter said “a legally binding covenant be drawn up to protect the proposed parkland and open space from any future development proposals not directly related to the site’s leisure and educational objectives”. Something else that seems to have been forgotten.

And why haven’t Shepway published a Princes Parade newsletter since then?

newsletter June


newsletter May