Slides from March 2018 Princes Parade Working Group Meeting

Princes Parade Working Group – March 2018 version A (1)

Slide 6 claims there will be 351276 users per annum ie 960 per day which seems somewhat optimistic. It also claims a “revenue turnaround” of £332779. What does that mean?  profit? turnover? The plan seems to be to outsource the management of the facility to a 3rd party with the 3rd party paying the council £61009 per annum. Slide 7 says that 5 trusts have shown interest in running the new leisure centre but have they been shown realistic figures?

Slide 11 lists some developers who have been approached re the housing land. Slide 12 claims a high level of interest from these developers but states that they would prefer to acquire the land for the whole 150 new homes. (The council’s  Financial Viability calculations assumed that it would be sold off as two separate plots.) The slide also says that the developers would prefer a joint venture/structured land sale rather than a straight land sale.