Update on the Judicial Review

We are aware that the council have today issued this statement:

“Folkestone & Hythe District Council’s (F&HDC) planning decision has been upheld by the High Court with the judge – Mr. Justice Lieven – rebutting the arguments for judicial review in turn.He has awarded up to £5,000 to the council in costs.The applicant has seven days in which to ask for the decision to be reconsidered.”

SPP has received the judge’s comments, and they are disappointing. However we are advised by our solicitors that this initial refusal is almost standard practice. The judges comments included an invitation to request a permission hearing. What is clear is the judge wishes to hear the arguments in person and we are busy preparing for the hearing with our barrister. We had anticipated having to go to a permission hearing but we had hoped it would not be necessary because the arguments are so clearly in our favour. As the judge as requested, we will happily make our arguments to him in person.

So there is still plenty to be positive about.