We have sent the solicitors the information they requested and they are now reviewing it all.

The committee vote is a “resolution to approve” and the 6-week time frame to bring JR proceedings does not start until the Council issues the formal decision notice of the grant of planning permission. We are monitoring the council’s website so that we spot when that happens.

However, the council have given an undertaking to the Secretary of State that it will not issue planning permission until he has had the opportunity to consider whether to intervene.

If the Secretary of State does decide to call in the application we may need legal representation at the public inquiry.

We also need to keep an eye on the progress of the local plan which is due to be examined in public this autumn. As you all know the draft plan does include a development policy for Princes Parade and we need to continue to work towards getting this policy deleted before the plan is adopted.

We won’t call in the pledges or set up the crowd funding page until we have a clearer idea how much money we will need to raise.In the meantime our new fundraising committee is busy coming up with ideas for events which we are sure you will all support.

Re the meeting the council had with the Environment Agency on 22nd August regarding the drainage of the surface water into the Canal , the planning officer told us “Discussions are ongoing and the applicant is preparing a document for submission in order to address their concerns”.

Watch this space – we can still Save Princes Parade!